We manage all (end to end) ground handling services at all the international and domestic airports in Ethiopia for all types of aircrafts and flight purposes. The moment your aircraft touches down, our ground handling teams are already there for you to timely provide all the ground handling services that your air craft requires.

 Our staffs’ experience in the aviation field has enabled us understand what to anticipate, prepared for and the precautionary measures that need to be taken in every location of the country in order to make sure your flight operates seamlessly. Whichever airports you land, we are capable of providing reliable, need based full ground handling services with efficiency and accuracy. We understand that you need the utmost confidence in ground operations when you touch down. You need optimal efficiency without compromising on quality. Rest assured that whenever you fly to Ethiopia, our teams are standing to serve you and ready to manage your needs while guarantying quality and timely performance. We provide ground handling services for all types of flights including, Schedule, Ambulance, Cargo, charter, ferry, diversion and VIP.